What We Do

Expertise at every level

From before a project begins, to long after every home has been sold, Synergy’s process gives our clients expertise, experience, and an unmatched level of assurance through
every stage of a projects’ lifecycle.

Team Work

By leveraging the experience and expertise of Synergy, and by collaborating closely with our clients throughout the process, we create a formidable team-based approach to the marketing and sales of pre-sale real estate projects.

Product Initiation

To ensure the success of every project we work on, we use our Synergy Intelligence Model to give our clients valuable insight into the marketplace, consumer trends, and the competitive landscape to help guide their decision-making from the earliest stages of a project.

Product Design


With decades of experience and a deep analysis of the marketplace, we work with our clients to provide architects, engineers, and interior designers with key insights that combine regulatory requirements and market demand to create a product that delivers on our clients’ specific objectives.

Marketing Communications

Working from a solid product design foundation, we help our clients develop a marketing strategy that engages our target market, distinguishes it from the competition, and establishes a clear path to sales. By leveraging our findings from the Product Initiation and Design phases, we help our clients create a communications platform that engages and inspires our consumers. 


With a track record that includes the country’s top sales professionals, the team at Synergy is adept at creating a sales program and environment for our clients that delivers long-term sustainable results.


We believe that a sale is not the end of a process, but the beginning of a relationship. We recognize that having lifelong satisfied home buyers creates an environment that fosters trust, respect, loyalty and creates a foundation for future sales.